Card Export II: Cannot send USB descriptor. Host failure

Card Export II: Cannot send USB descriptor. Host failure Versión en castellano

Card Export IICard Export II is an application for Palm and PocketPC which allows us to access the content of our PDA through the PC just like a normal USB storage device.

We just have to connect our PDA to the PC through the USB port, open the application in our PDA and click “Connect to Desktop” for a new disk unit to appear at “My PC”, ready to access and modify the content of the card. Without having to install any files, so that we can access the card from wherever we want with just one click.

But this software has an amazingly frustrating bug which can appear randomly from time to time:

“Cannot send USB descriptor. Host failure”

We can work for months without seeing this message, but it’s interesting to know how to fix it without formatting the device anyway. Just in case.

It’s as easy as deleting the file which stores the preferences for the program, which has a value of “pusb” for the Creator field. We will need, obviously, a file explorer like Resco Explorer (Palm / Pocket PC).

With Resco Explorer we have to open the directory Control Panel -> Saved Prefs. We want the application to show the column with the creator of the file, and we can do this through the menu Options -> Columns, checking “Creator”. Last but not least, we will search for the file with “pusb” as creator and we will delete it clicking on it until a new contextual menu appears where we can select Delete.

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  2. By the way, all the mistakes in my english are done on purpose 😎


  3. Anónimo

    pra mim não funcionou… tentei deletar vários aspectos da saved preferences, mas só funciona quando o substituo todo o arquivo (faço back ups periódicos)…


  4. Anónimo


    it didn’t work for me… I tried to delete several “files” from saved preferences and nothing… it only works when I replace the whole file (I make periodical back ups)…


  5. Anónimo

    Anônimo Brasileiro – O retorno

    Num fórum brasileiro, aprendi que talvez seja necessário apagar, além do PUSB, os 3 arquivos que o card export cria no saved preferences… e aí funcionou! Valeu galera!

    In a brazilian forun, I learned that maybe it’s necessary to delete not only PUSB, but the 3 files that card export creates in saved preferences… and that’s how it worked for me! Thanks folks!


  6. peredodu17[fr]

    Thanks a lot…..:mrgreen:

    It works or me……



  7. zkar

    also worked for my TX, thank u sooooo much!!!


  8. deap

    Thank you, this helped!

    Though I also had to delete preference owned by ‘pusc’. Maybe the newer version also writes this? Or I have just been not very accurate )


  9. Anónimo

    I also had to delete ‘pusc’…. there was no ‘pusb’ on mine.

    Oh well, it fixed it =) Thanks!


  10. fromme

    it works fantastic!
    thx a lot


  11. whamms

    thanx worked for me..


  12. veloso

    Thank you very much, it works.
    But as whamms i had to delet `pusc`.


  13. Thiago



  14. Anónimo



  15. Leandro

    En mi caso borrando el pusc funciono OK…!!! GRACIAS…!!!


  16. mocoroh

    funcionou perfeitamente.


  17. Anónimo

    I couldnt find the file pusb on my unit, I followed instructions as shown with no results. Now what


  18. Anónimo

    hey…..I found it and it works great….THANKS, by the way I had to delete the file pusc, I didnt have a pusb file.


  19. AXER

    Gracias . el problema se me presento en el palm one treo 650 y borrando el archivo pusb funciono utilizando el programa “fileZ” en la opcion “view Prefernces” para los usuarios treo


  20. Ed

    Thanks a lot! It works!!!


  21. irxc

    Worked like a charm, thanks a million!


  22. tytus

    worked for me as well! thanks a lot


  23. Vinicius

    I just can’t delete the file! It seems the file is protected!


  24. Seb

    Great, thank-you so much. I was just about to do a complete re-install …


  25. velo

    The suggestion did not solve the problem for me. Nor did a partial restore of that file from a previous backup. Nor did a complete re-install. What did work in my case, was upgrading to the latest version of Card Export II, which is (at the time I’m writing this) version 2.26.


  26. DSF

    Had the error above. Worked for me with version 2.25. I removed the “pusc” preferences file using Resco Explorer on a Palm TX.


  27. Gil

    Funcionou perfeitamente!! Muito obrigado!

    It works for me! Thanks a lot


  28. JJ

    For me Worked fine… just deleting de “pusc” file, Thanks .

    para mim funcionou bem…, apenas deletando o arquivo “pusc”, obrigado.

    But I have another question, I just can save files to card under win98 at home…, using others windows versions I never can do it… , any help… Thanks

    Mas eu tenho outra questão, Eu só consigo salvar arquivos no cartão sob win98 em casa…, usando outras versãoes de windows eu nunca consigo fazer isso…, qualquer ajuda, obrigado .


  29. Breno de Paula

    In my case I had to delete the “pusc” creator file instead “pusb” that not appears in “saved preferences”.

    So, try to find also “pusc” file creator.

    It works!


  30. Nick

    Dear God thank you. That was extremely annoying. I was also “pusc” not “pusb”.


  31. Thanks a billion!! God bless you!


  32. Sudipto De Sarkar

    Thanks a lot buddy! Excellent Help.


  33. Alex

    Works for me. Task well done! :o)


  34. Charles

    Works after deleting pusc. Used filez. click view preference and delete pusc. Thanks 🙂


  35. neato

    This work great! Fantastic work! 10/10!


  36. Radaik

    With a palm 755p, please note that it says “psuc” like Charles said. Thanks.


  37. snigb ug

    thank you very much.I delete the pusc file and it works again on a tx


  38. Anónimo

    Works after deleting pusc. Thanks 🙂


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