Card Export II: Cannot send USB descriptor. Host failure

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Card Export IICard Export II is an application for Palm and PocketPC which allows us to access the content of our PDA through the PC just like a normal USB storage device.

We just have to connect our PDA to the PC through the USB port, open the application in our PDA and click “Connect to Desktop” for a new disk unit to appear at “My PC”, ready to access and modify the content of the card. Without having to install any files, so that we can access the card from wherever we want with just one click.

But this software has an amazingly frustrating bug which can appear randomly from time to time:

“Cannot send USB descriptor. Host failure”

We can work for months without seeing this message, but it’s interesting to know how to fix it without formatting the device anyway. Just in case.

It’s as easy as deleting the file which stores the preferences for the program, which has a value of “pusb” for the Creator field. We will need, obviously, a file explorer like Resco Explorer (Palm / Pocket PC).

With Resco Explorer we have to open the directory Control Panel -> Saved Prefs. We want the application to show the column with the creator of the file, and we can do this through the menu Options -> Columns, checking “Creator”. Last but not least, we will search for the file with “pusb” as creator and we will delete it clicking on it until a new contextual menu appears where we can select Delete.