20GB disk storage and 1000GB bandwidth hosting for 2.5 dollars each month

Alojamiento con 20GB de espacio y 1000GB de ancho de banda por 2 euros al mes Versión en castellano

9 months have passed since I signed up with Dreamhost, the hosting service Mundo GEEK is using. They are one of the best hostings in the market and I can’t say anything but good things about them.

A few months ago Dreamhost increased the bandwidth and the disk storage of their hosting plans, so that the basic plan (Crazy Domain Insane!), for which a pay a misery, offers 1014GB of monthly bandwidth (yeah, this is not a typo, 1 Terabyte!) and 20400MB of disk storage (20 GB!).

Are you impressed? Well, let me tell you that as a reward for your fidelity the disk storage increases 160MB each week, and the monthly bandwidth 8GB, without having to pay a cent more.

Dreamhost, the best hosting for the best price

There is no scam: the service quality is excellent and it offers a lot of functionalities, from a domain name for free to the installation with just one click of applications like WordPress (in fact Dreamhost is one of the few hostings WordPress recomends), MediaWiki, phpBB or Mamboo; the posibility of running a Jabber server or streaming support.

And now let’s talk about prices. Believe it or not, they are incredible too. Especially if you use one of the promo codes every person hosted with Dreamhost can give you.

The promo code concept means Dreamhost offers 97$ as a reward for each person who sign up with them using your promo code when buying, but the owner of the promo code can split this reward as he wants between him and the person who is signing up.

This way both of them earn something.

If you use my promocode, for example, you would save 90$ when singing up for a year, which means you would get a great hosting for 29$ a year, less than 2.5$ each month!

You only have to introduce the text PROMOCION (beware that there is a C in the word, not a T) in the promo code text box and the discount will be applied upon purchase.

Last but not least, they have a 97-day money back guarantee; so if you are not happy with them, whatever the reason, Dreamhost will give you your money back.

If you need a new hosting or you want to change from your old one, now you don’t have any excuses left ;-).

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  2. Incrrredible everyone, its finally here! Ripoffgu….sorry, «freeadguru» Stephan Ducharme – you know the scammer, he’s the guy with just about the worst reputation on the internet – has his new «amazing» site up and running – uvioo.com right from the get-go its scam scam scam as he promises free cash to refer people on his youtube clone like website. Can you say Madoff? And this time, he’s teaming up with another young soon-to-be rip off artist just like him, Michael Menard.

    Basically, his uvioo website works by asking its visitor 39$ per year to make 7$ per referral. As you may already know, this practice is called a Ponzi since he uses other people’s money to pay his member’s commission. And it all goes back to the same old pyramid scheme we all saw people lose cash into.

    I’ve bought stuff from this guy before, when I didn’t know he was a scammer. His e-book «how to get 1 million visitors to your site» has had lots of reviews saying it is over-hyped trash with nothing new in it. His «my affiliate finder» software spams newsgroups and never gets you any hits on your site anyway.

    And to cap it all, they don’t do refunds. There are posts everywhere on the net about refund requests being ignored (I got mine direct from click bank though!).

    They also phone you shortly after you order something and put on a very hard sell which results in you handing over credit card info and $1000’s in some cases. I somehow got tricked into giving them $1005. When I realized it was all a big con I rang them and for a week they dragged out giving me a refund without actually saying no, so I gave up and got Mastercard on to it. Thankfully a month later they got me a refund of the full amount. But obviously others won’t have been so fortunate.

    So, DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT get involved with this new site he has. But do look at it for your own amusement as its just the same old BS promising the moon on a stick. :rolleyes:

    Stephan Ducharme:


    Michael Menard


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