What is Gromlist?

Gromlist is a clone of Offlinelist for Linux written in Python and GTK+. It shows a list of all the games that are available for a console, with the name, number of release, language, region and images. It can also show the games (roms) you downloaded to your computer and you can filter the games by name, region and based on whether you have the rom or not.

You can also tag the games with the categories "Wanted", "Buyed" or "Played", and filter the list by these tags.


If you use Debian, Ubuntu, or another distro which uses deb packages, download the deb package from here: gromlist-0.3.2.deb, and double click on the downloaded file to install it.

If that's not the case, download the tar.gz: gromlist-0.3.2.tar.gz, uncompress it, and execute the command make install with root privileges.


To start the program run Applications -> Games -> Gromlist.

The list of games of the default collection will be loaded and the program will begin the download of the images of the games to ~/.gromlist/images. To change the default collection and to add, modify or delete collections, edit the configuration file: ~/.gromlist/conf. You can switch between collections using the combo box at the end of the list.

Gromlist: offlinelist for Linux

You can order the list by clicking on the header of the column, so that you can see the games ordered by country, number, name, or depending on whether you have that game on your computer or not.

Gromlist: offlinelist for Linux

When the program detects that you have a certain game in your roms folder, which is configured by editing ~/.gromlist/conf and is ~/.gromlist/roms by default, the game will have an icon of a disk at its left, and the name will be written with bold letters.

Gromlist: offlinelist for Linux

You can also tag the games with the categories "Played", "Buyed" and "Wanted"

Gromlist: offlinelist for Linux

and filter the list of games by these tags and other criteria

Gromlist: offlinelist for Linux


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Thank you! We really appreciate your support.


v0.3.2 - August 16, 2007 v0.3.1 - August 6, 2007 v0.3.0 - August 5, 2007 v0.2.0 - June 26, 2007 v0.1.0 - June 21, 2007 (Initial release)


If you ever need to uninstall the application just run the command aptitude purge gromlist as root if you installed it using the deb package, or execute the command make uninstall from the tar.gz file if you installed it using this method.

The game screenshots and the configuration files, which are located at the hidden folder ~/.gromlist, will not get deleted; you will have to delete these files by yourself if you are sure that you won't need them again.

Have a question? a bug to report? a feature to propose?

You can report bugs, propose new features, and ask related questions at the appropriate post on my blog or at the project page at Launchpad.

I want to translate Gromlist to my language

If you want to translate Gromlist to your language download the pot file, edit it with your favorite text editor, and send it to my email: zootropo at gmail dot com.